Sicily is a land full of history, culture, traditions and sunshine. Combined with its hilly, though sometimes mountainous, harsh and rocky landscape, it makes the perfect background for a prosperous soil that generates fruits in complete harmony and elegance. These fruits mix intense and nuanced flavors with beneficial properties.

Sikelia Food was born in this extraordinary landscape, in the shade of Mount Etna.



At Sikelia Food, we aim at highlighting the excellent properties of our local products and making them known worldwide on an increasingly demanding market that values quality and sustainability, the unique characteristics of high quality ingredients.


We prefer organic agriculture and choose organic cultivation methods and agricultural techniques, excluding the use of GMO’s and any synthetic chemical and admitting only natural substances. This allows us to protect the environment, producers, our heritage and the well-being of consumers,and promote a lifestyle that respects humans and nature.


In strict relation to the concept of “organic”, our working methods allow us to carry on and promote a model of sustainable development that contributes to preserve the biodiversity and richness of our territories. In addition, we choose our suppliers from those who implement environmentally-friendly measures and technologies in their facilities and processes.

transparency standards.

Thanks to the constant cooperation with the small Sicilian producers, we can monitor all the processing steps at all times – from production to product delivery– and carefully make the necessary checks in order to ensure the highest quality and transparency standards.

Combined with the uniqueness of a land like Sicily, this allows us to pridefully boast a selection of added-value products that make a difference.